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About Mail Services

The employees of the mailroom are here to help you with any and all of your mailing and shipping needs. Mail Services is equipped to process any USPS, UPS, and FedEx shipments. Please use the following information as a reference to answer any questions you may have regarding the services we provide. If you cannot find the answer to your mailing question here, please do not hesitate to contact Mail Services directly. We are happy to help!

*Cash in no longer being accepted as form of payment

Delivery Schedule
US Postal Services

Incoming USPS mail delivered by 9:00A

  • Inbound USPS mail processed by 11:00am - ready for pickup by Staff/Students
  • Outgoing USPS mail to be processed must be brought to mailroom no later than 2:30pm
  • Outgoing USPS mail pickup 4:30pm
  • Pickup Times outdoor drop box: M-F 5:00pm (behind Fels Student Center)
  • Overnight shipments delivered by 10:30am
  • Large Outgoing Packages must be brought to mailroom no later than 2:30pm
  • Regular shipments delivered by 1:30pm
  • Pickup Times outdoor drop box: M-F 5:00pm (Behind Fels Student Center)
  • Express shipments delivered by 10:30am
  • Ground/Home delivery shipments delivered intermittently
  • Pickups must be scheduled. Contact Mail Services to request a pickup
Services Available
  • First class letters/stamps - 1-4 days delivery
  • First class post cards - 1-4 days delivery
  • USPS Express Envelope - Overnight delivery to most U.S. addresses
  • USPS Letter Electronic Certified w/ return receipt- 1 - 4 days delivery
  • USPS Priority Package - 1 - 4 days delivery
  • UPS Ground Package - 1 - 5 days delivery
  • UPS Next Day Air - Next Day 10:30am
  • Air Saver - Next Day 3:00pm
Office Supplies

Stationary and "stock" office supplies available in Mail Services, Fels lower level room 007.

Approved College letterheads, envelopes, and business cards with your department contact information may be ordered from the person in your department who orders office supplies or directly from the Nichols College Mailroom by email: Delivery is 7-10 days from the day you place your order. Generic (no specific department information) letterheads and envelopes are always in stock in the mailroom; however, it is highly recommended that each department order stationary with their contact information so that recipients of your mail will know how to reach your department directly and if you ever have returned mail it will be sent back to your department unopened.

Info for "department buyers" - Business Cards are currently ordered from Dupli Graphics, please go to the "business card" tab on the Departmental Purchasing section of myNichols and reference "How to order from Dupli Graphics". <<This needs to be updated>>

The following generic stationary items are in stock in the Mailroom:

  • Letterheads – Box- 500, case- 2500
  • # 10 WINDOW envelopes- Box- 500, case-2500
  • 10 x 13" peel and stick envelopes
  • # 10 regular envelopes- Box- 500, case- 2500
  • 9 x 12" peel and stick envelopes
  • 4 x 6" NOTECARDS – use for Thank you notes or invitations
  • Note card envelopes with return address on back flap and/or no print on them at all
  • 5" x 8" notepads
  • 4" x 6" notepads
  • Personalized Logo Nametags

All other office supplies are purchased exclusively from WB Mason Company by contacting your designated "Department buyer".

Please contact the Procurement Department at or 508-213-2114 if you are unaware of your designated buyer or need assistance with the ordering processes.

Notifii For Students

Mail Services utilizes package tracking technology called Notifii to better serve the Nichols College Community. Each package received by mail services is logged into the Notifii database. An alert is automatically sent to the package recipient's Nichols College email. Students may also request to receive text alerts when a package has arrived. Please inquire in person at mail services, or email your request with the subject "Text Alert" to

Student Mail
Mailing Do's
  • Show your ID when picking up Mail
  • Use your name and unit number when addressing incoming or outgoing mail and packages
  • Check your mail often, even if you commute, you may receive departmental mail you weren't expecting.
  • Perform a TEMPORARY change of address, you may get a change of address form from Mail Services, at your local post office, or online at , use the dates which you will be on campus (ex. September 1 through December 18, 2019 and January 13 through May 2, 2020). Any mail addressed to your home address will automatically be sent to Nichols College during these time frames.
  • Use PO Box 5000 on any USPS mail
  • Send valuables certified (with signature), registered, or via UPS with a declared value
  • Leave a return address on anything you send, just in case it comes back
  • Send time sensitive material well in advance, or as an overnight letter
Mailing Don'ts
  • Use your ID# or student residence hall room number when addressing incoming or outgoing mail and packages
  • Perform a permanent change of address
  • Send anything, or have anything sent via UPS, FedEx or DHL using PO box 5000 as the address; Instead, use the physical address
  • Send anything valuable without tracking and insurance
  • Send cash in the mail
  • Send anything in a box labeled as alcoholic beverages, it will get returned
  • Send anything breakable without proper packaging materials. Need something? A box, bubble wrap, padded envelopes, packing tape? Chances are we have what you need here in the mailroom. We will help you package your shipment, to ensure it arrives to its destination in good condition.
Package Alerts For Staff and Faculty

Mail Services utilizes package tracking technology to better serve the Nichols College Community. Each package received by Mail Services is logged into the Notifii database. An alert is automatically sent to the package recipient's Nichols College email. For staff and Faculty, a designated representative from your department will receive the alert. If you would like to receive alerts directly to your Nichols College email, or to your cell phone, please inform mail services and this change will be made.

Staff and Faculty Procedures
  • Stamped letters or prepaid envelopes/packages are to be deposited directly in the USPS Dropbox (rear parking lot of Fels)
  • Screen your mailing lists for any unnecessary names, duplicates and incomplete addresses.
  • Separate interoffice mail from outoing mail before giving it to mail services.
  • Separate (and clearly mark) international mail from domestic mail
  • Separate sealed envelopes from unsealed envelopes
  • On unsealed envelopes, leave flaps down
  • Seal large (9" X 12" or 10" X 13") envelopes and address with the flap on RIGHT
  • Departmental name must be in return address. Contact mail services for return labels
  • Indicate the type of service you would like applied to the package or letter i.e. certified w/return receipt, delivery confirmation, "least expensive way", UPS, with tracking number etc.
  • Inbound mail for students must be in Unit Number order (this information is available from Colleague or from the Mail Services Department)
  • Ask Mail Services for letter trays when preparing a large mailing
  • Take advantage of the services offered by our local printing and mail houses to address, barcode and sort your large volume mailings (over 200 pieces). See Bulk Mailings
Bulk Mailings

Contact Mail Services for help with planning BEFORE you print or address any mailings over 200 pieces.

Please Note: If you are mailing out invoices, statements, tax forms, or letters that include a social security number you must mail these first class. Discounts are still available if you have over 500 pieces to mail at one time, and if you follow certain procedures for addressing, etc. If you have less than 500 pieces to mail at one time, please bring the mail to mail services and it will be metered and sent out right away.

Any mailings over 200 pieces for items such as invitations, notices of upcoming events, informational packets about the College, or other types of marketing and/or promotional letters and post cards should all be mailed using standard- not for profit rates, however, you must plan ahead. These mailings may take a day or two more to get to the recipients, however you will be saving the College up to $.30 for each piece of regular #10 mail and up to $1.00 a piece for larger envelopes or small packages when you take advantage of our non-profit rates.

If you are already working with a Printing company or with the in-house Creative Director at the College, they can advise you on how to get these lower postal rates. It is very important that you contact Nichols Mail Services before you print or label your mailing. In several cases you can email your letter or mail piece directly to our outside vendor where they will print, fold, stuff, address, and then send your mailing for you and all this may cost you less than the price of (1) first class stamp.

Contact Mail Services at 508-213-2301 or or the Director of Procurement at or 508-213-2114 for more information on Standard Mail and how you can save the College's time and money.

Departments are expected to understand and comply with the large Mailing procedures. Mailings sent through the Nichols Mailroom will be routinely audited to make sure they adhere to these procedures. If the above guidelines are disregarded, a notice will be sent to Department Supervisors.

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