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About Public Safety

campus-public-safety.jpg#asset:2166While Nichols College’s Public Safety Department is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year, its normal business hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Nichols College is a safe college - and we plan to keep it that way. While our campus is not sheltered from the real world, the serenity and relatively small size of the community makes it a safe environment for students, faculty and staff to work and study.


Is there a charge for parking?

Yes, there is a parking fee. Parking is limited to the amount of spaces on campus. Be sure to fill out all needed forms and submit as soon as possible. Parking decals are processed in the order they are received and will be issued to you on check-in day in August

Is parking restricted to certain lots?

Yes. Students will receive a parking decal that must be affixed to their vehicle and will color-coordinate to the lots in which they can park.

Is Public Safety Open 24/7?

Yes, officers work round-the-clock, 365 days a year.

Where do I get a parking decal?

Use the link below to complete a parking decal application. Make sure you have an electronic copy of your vehicle registration and that you know your insurance information.

Parking Decal Application

Access to Campus Facilities

With the exception of residence halls, most facilities are open to the public during day and evening hours, when classes are in session. When the College is closed, buildings are locked and only faculty, staff and students with proper ID are admitted. Entrance to all residence halls is restricted at all times. Buildings are accessed with ID cards and keys.

Parking on Campus

Student parking is available for residential and day commuter students within designated areas. All vehicles must be registered with the Public Safety Office before parking on campus. Parking decals for the academic year are available for $325.00 for Commuter students and $375.00 for Resident students.

Public Safety Officers

Public Safety Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year. Nichols Public Safety Officers receive continual training and are certified in emergency medical response procedures, including First Responder, CPR and AED. Our experienced officers are skilled at creating an environment that is safe, respectful and conducive to study.

The College also falls under the jurisdiction of the Dudley Police Department. The Nichols Department of Public Safety maintains a strong and coordinated working relationship with the local police. Our campus safety efforts are supported by a local community policing effort. We rely on all of our members of our community to do their part to keep the Nichols College campus safe and free of crime.

Emergency Response

Public Safety Officers perform investigations, prepare incident reports and uphold the rules and regulations of the College, including housing regulations and the College’s Standards of Conduct. They respond to a variety of complaints, including:

  • disturbances
  • crimes
  • suspicious persons
  • motor vehicle-related problems
  • lock-outs
  • emergency or request for assistance
  • security problems such as broken windows and malfunctioning lights and locks

Safety and Prevention

The Department of Public Safety also performs many non-investigative services throughout the year:

  • Operation ID
  • vehicle assistance service
  • safety escort service
  • lost and found service
  • educational programs within the residence halls
  • orientation sessions on crime prevention for new students
  • lending library of crime prevention brochures and videos

Questions about safety on campus? Contact the Department of Public Safety at 508-213-2298.

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