Hub FAQs

How do I access the Hub?
Why are we changing from myNichols?
  • myNichols was built on older technology and was due for a refresh
  • We were able to reorganize and restructure information to simplify the experience for students and parents
What advantages does the Hub have over myNichols?
  • Easier access for all students, staff, and faculty
  • Logging in is no longer required
  • The new tile-based interface is mobile-friendly
What’s happening to myNichols?
  • myNichols will exist alongside the Hub until September 30, 2019. After that myNichols will be shut down and inaccessible
  • In the meantime, offices should update any materials or communication that reference “myNichols” and replace them with references to the Hub
  • If you need assistance from IT in updating materials or links, please open a Helpdesk ticket so IT can assist you
What happened to WebAdvisor?

WebAdvisor is still accessible from OneLogin and directly at https://webadvisor.nichols.edu

What happened to Announcements? Classifieds? Water Cooler?

As part of the reorganization of content, we found these areas didn’t get much use, so they won’t be moved into the Hub.

Where can I find announcements?

Announcements are not part of Hub. Watch for announcements via your Nichols email.

What if I can’t find something on the Hub
  • Use the Search feature (at the top right corner of each page)
  • Enter a helpdesk ticket at https://help.nichols.edu if you think we missed something that needs to be on the Hub