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About Undergraduate Online (UGO)

Nichols College Undergraduate Online (UGO) program is designed for students who work full-time, have families, or have other personal/professional commitments that prevent them from taking in-person classes. The UGO program is built to accommodate the schedules of the busy full-time working adults. We offer three online academic programs and two hybrid academic programs. An online program at Nichols means the student will never have to attend class on campus or via Zoom/Teams. They will sign into Canvas to complete assignments as they are due. A hybrid program at Nichols means that some in-person classes are required. Nichols offers a BSBA online degree with a concentration in Accounting, General Business, or Human Resource Management. Our hybrid BSBA Degree programs are in Criminal Justice Management and Management. Classes will run for 7-weeks long twice a semester. Therefore, students will take courses for the first 7-weeks and the last 7-weeks of each semester, including Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter intersessions.


How do I get a parking decal?

The application for a parking decal is now online.

How do I get a student ID?

Public Safety issues replacement and new Nichols Student ID cards Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30am – 3:45pm. Please email Public Safety at public.safety@nichols.edu prior to arriving to campus to schedule a time to take a picture and collect your Student ID.

I have a question about my bill or financial aid?

If you want to check your grades, pay your bill, review your financial aid, or register for a course, please go to Student Self Service. All additioanl question about financial aid, billing, payment plans, or account holds will be processed through the Student Financial Services Office (SFS). You can reach SFS by email at SFS@Nichols.edu or by phone at 508-213-2038.

Where to I go to submit an application for graduation?

All students are required to submit an application for graduation. The application can be found in Self Service. Go to the Graduation Overview page and click on Apply. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's office at registrar@Nichols.edu.

Before you Register for class

Prepare your Schedule

· Use the Current Semester Course Schedule Listing and your Program Evaluation to choose your courses

· The section number is the last two digits of the course number, example ACCT-238-02

· Courses for the ONLINE student population have an alphabetical section ON1 or ON2.

· Make an appointment with your advisor, Sarah Charpentier, prior to registration. You can reach her at Sarah.Charpentier@nichols.edu.


Please note: A lab fee is charged for all Mathematics courses. This fee covers all required course materials and is in lieu of a textbook.

Course Registration

Registration will take place in April for Summer and Fall Courses and in November for Spring Courses. You will receive an email from your advisor with the specific day and time the Online students can begin registering for classes via Self-Service.

You may continue to register after your scheduled time but not before it. Please resolve holds prior to registration.

Need help using online registration. Click here for Step-by-step directions to use Student Planning to register.

Course Load

The normal course load for online students is 6-12 credit-hours per semester or 1-2 classes per 7-week session. Students that register for 12 or more credits per semester are considered full-time.

Professional Development Course Requirements

Online students can choose from two Professional Development Courses for their degree program.

  • SEM-444 Professional Development Seminar is designed for students with less than 4-5 years of working experience. This course is designed to enhance the student's professional and communication skills in order to develop and maintain a positive environment at work while preparing for future advancement opportunities. As a seminar course, Professional Development Seminar is highly interactive and will cover the following topics: personal branding, professional writing, business communication, networking, the interview and job search processes, career resources, mock interviewing, salary negotiations/benefits, and goal setting.
  • SEM-445 Credit for Prior Learning is designed for student with 7 or more years of working experience. This course is designed to provide an introduction to Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) portfolio development. It provides a series of structured activities and systematic approaches for the student to prepare for petitioning for credit for learning outside the traditional classroom. SEM 445 satisfies the requirement for SEM 444. Please note that taking this course does not guarantee that the learner will be awarded any credit for prior learning. A student may earn up to 45 credits in total, however, final awarding of credit is at the discretion of Nichols College.

ADD/DROP or Withdraw from a Course

A student may add a course by the last date of the add/drop period of each 7-week session. Students can easily add a course in Self-Service through Student Planning.

A student may drop a course by the last day of the add/drop period for each 7-week session. The student will receive a 100% refund for a dropped course prior to the add/drop period.

A student may withdraw from a course by the course withdrawal date in this case no refund will be given, and a course grade of "W" will be entered.

To withdraw from a course, please complete the Course Withdrawal Form below.

Course to Transfer Credit

Online students planning to take courses for transfer credit from any other school or platform must submit a “Course Transfer Request Form” with an attached course description to the Registrar’s Office at least one week in advance of registration to allow time for processing.

  • Ten of your last twelve courses must be taken at Nichols
  • A grade of "C", 2.0 or better is required in all courses to be transferred
  • Transferred courses do not count toward your Nichols Grade Point Average
  • All course repeats must be taken at Nichols College

Please complete the following Course Transfer Request Form here.

Undergraduate Online Students Internships

Online students have the option to either complete an internship through Handshake or complete MGMT-493 Advanced Projects in place of the Undergraduate Online Internship Course Requirement. Please work with your advisor to ensure MGMT-493 counts towards the intended Internship requirement before registering for classes.

Withdrawal from College

In you are not planning to return to Nichols College, please complete the Student Withdrawal Form here.

National Student Clearing House

The National Student Clearinghouse is the authorized agent of Nichols College for providing official college transcripts, enrollment and degree verifications.

  • To request an official College Transcripts, please go to the National Student Clearing house website.
  • If you are currently enrolled at Nichols College and need verification of your enrollment status for your employer or insurance company, you may obtain an enrollment certificate online through the National Student Clearinghouse.

Graduation Information

Apply for Graduation

ALL Students anticipating graduation must submit an "Application for Graduation" through the One-Login Self-Service App in the semester they expect to complete their degree. This Application is to order your diploma and does not indicate that you will or will not be attending the annual ceremony held each May.

Submission Deadline

  • May Completion January 1
  • August completion June 1
  • December Completion October 15

A graduation fee is billed to all degree candidates per diploma received. This is a mandatory fee that is charged to all students regardless of attendance at the annual graduation ceremony.

Process for Graduation

Two weeks after the end of each semester, the Registrar reviews all degree candidates who have applied for graduation. All students who have completed their graduation requirements are then "graduated," and their degree information is added to their transcript.

The Registrar then orders the diplomas from a printing company specializing in degree and award printing. The lead time for diplomas to return to Nichols College ranges from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the volume of orders in-house at the printing company. When the diplomas are received at Nichols College, they are reviewed for accuracy and then repackaged into mailers for each student. Once the Student Accounts office has completed a financial audit on each student, they release diplomas as appropriate. The Student Financial Services office must release a student's account before the diploma is mailed to the student.

Although Nichols College confers degrees in May, August, and December, Nichols College only holds one formal ceremony each year in May. All graduates from August and December are invited to attend the May ceremony. Diplomas are not handed out at the ceremony. A ceremonial diploma cover with a certificate is handed to each student as they pass across the stage. The Academic Affairs Office will mail and email information to all eligible graduates regarding the ceremony in early March of each year. Please be sure to update your address if you move.

The graduation application can be found on Self-Service. Go to the Graduation Overview page and click on Apply.

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